Quality  Care Private
Sitter Service L.L.C

"Dedicated to Exceptional 
 Quality Care."

Who We Are


Being a caregiver with 22 years of medical experience gave me the vision to create Quality Care Private Sitter Service in 2010.To offer Affordable in-home Quality Personal Care for Elderly and Care for all ages with any Disabling illness.Our staff consists of Nurses,Certified Nursing Assistants,Personal Care Assistants, Sitters and Staffing.

I, Emma Turner, am a skilled, dedicated, passionate, professional entrepreneur with hands on medical healthcare experience.

My expertise is in nursing homes, residential, private duty care, surgery, hospice, recovery, home health, hospitals, intensive care, and babies.  

I find many families are in great need for quality, compassionate, qualified caregivers for their loved ones with disabling illnesses.

Daily I even receive many calls from prominent people in our community requesting my service for their loved ones.

I work as a caregiver, researched and  prepared legal service agreements, sat with my attorney, my accountant, and my website designer to pursue my business career.  I give all patients the same love and care that I would want for my family and self.

I've learned to be resourceful early, at the age of 14 working summer jobs at Earl K. Long Hospital in the medical records department and in the emergency room. 

I have a passion for unconditional love for quality care of life and employ only competent professionals.  Spiritually enlightening me, God placed in my spirit of entrepreneurship to start my visionary company as an  inspiration to others.   With the knowledge and guidance of God, I pursue the work I love with pride, dignity, and commitment.

I'm obsessed with quality care of life.  It's a calling and reward from God.  It actually predicts workplace happiness, eventually leading to recognition, to an immensely appealing career.  "Treat people the way you want to be treated" is my motto.

I'm extremely blessed to be a faithful servant, to represent, to pursue, to encourage, and to inspire my medical endeavors and accomplishments. 

My focus is to see my vision and aspirations fulfilled,  to achieve my goal never to give up on my dream, and to stay a forgiving, genuine caregiver.  My medical career has given me success as a CEO and leader.  It has enabled me to effectively enhance my company image and prosperity, and to foster the greater Baton Rouge community and surrounding parishes' well being.

I'm a talented negotiator, an honest, reliable,  hard-working, affable caregiver.  THANK YOU!

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